Light Almendro Collection

Handcrafted from natural bone and wood, one-of-a-kind Light Almendro collection is the perfect addition to your bath decor. 

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Light Almendro Wastebin - 8.75
Light Almendro Wastebin - 8.75"L|8.75"W|11"H
Light Alemdro Tissue Box - 6
Light Alemdro Tissue Box - 6"SQ
Light Alemdro Soap Dispenser - 2.75
Light Alemdro Soap Dispenser - 2.75"L|2.75"W|7.5"H
Light Alemdro Bath Tray - 11
Light Alemdro Bath Tray - 11"L|6.75"W|1.5"H
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ITEM: Light Almendro Collection

CATEGORIES: Bath Accessories