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Mariage Freres Tea Bags Yuzu Bouquet

An alliance of fine leaves and their delicate twigs offers a cheerful mosaic of green. Real yuzu peel punctuates this spring landscape, illuminating it with a solar hue.

The first fragrances evoke the freshness of a slightly crinkled citrus leaf then merge into a delightful taste of white flower honey.

The pearlescent cup is adorned with the pastel colors of green beryl, while the silky liquor is imbued with an airy scent of yuzu flower and the deep umami creaminess of kukicha.

Known to be low in theine, 'kukicha' green tea is perfect for sharing, bringing all generations together with its enveloping and comforting liquor.

Paired with tasty morsels of Japanese yuzu, it carries with it the dashing spring scent of this invigorating citrus fruit's flowers, emblematic of the land of the rising sun.

It is the sweet and poetic symbol of eternal renewal, joyful and luminous.

Made with original French cotton muslin tea sachets.

Made in Paris.

75 g - 2.6 oz. / 30 sachets


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