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Astier de Villatte Tucson Perfume 100ML

Founded in 1996, Astier de Villatte has many facets: an artisanal ceramic workshop, a printing press, a publishing house, and a perfume atelier where, in collaboration with the best noses, invented a world tour theme of olfactory.

Born through a happy encounter with that far west city, the Tucson perfume instantly transports you into the arid vastness of the great American west, swept with wonderful aromas.

A torrid desert of wild beauty, an impressive tide of deliriously shaped giant cacti, a fantastic rodeo…From the bottle escape dizzying scents: the intoxicating fragrance of strawflowers from the maquis and sun-heated dunes, the aromatic and slightly animal notes of thyme; scents of red earth scorched with the heat of birch mingle with the delicious smell of sweet amber exhaled by the resin from the cistus labdanum, a shrub from Mediterranean countries.

The scent of Tucson was created with Alexandra Monet, perfumer, in collaboration with Drom Fragrances. Held in an etched-glass spray bottle. Its highly sober and elegant case is made of sand-colored kraft paper, lined
with gold on the inside.


Quantity Available: 6