Sue Fisher King opened her store in 1978 with the same purpose that she is still fulfilling today...to bring her discoveries in home design to the customers who are enticed by her selections.

She makes frequent trips to find special things, both sophisticated and rustic, brings them home to San Francisco and oh-so-carefully fits them all into her cozy little store.

Enter the store, and you are bathed in rich textures and colors and surrounded by the finest in home furnishings. Exploreā€”and you are dazzled by carefully displayed gems and the warm charm of Sue Fisher King and her friendly and experienced sales staff.

Sue naturally creates a luscious environment and levity, just by being who she is: a fun, worldly, innovative woman who tells a story, and brings it to you in each piece she selects.

SFK has been a landmark in San Francisco for 33 years, and is thought of by many as "the only place to shop."